It all started for Ann when she became inspired to qualify in the 111th Boston Marathon in April of 2007.  Having giving it all in the Disney Marathon in early January, she found herself short of her goal by about 4 minutes.

Hopes temporarily dashed, she became aware of the A-1-A Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, about six week later, and decided to try again to qualify for Boston.  The second time she ran a controlled and focused race, beating her Disney time by around 13 minutes!  She then began the process of recovery and training for Boston in a eight week time frame.  

Ten days before the race she became ill with the flu which turned to bronchitis.  It was through faith in God’s ability to carry her through this race that she was able to complete it.  

She was so overwhelmed by this experience and God’s presence through this, she felt compelled to share her it with her church family and friends.  On arriving home from the race, still ill, she sat down filled with inspiration and wrote about what she had experienced.  Little did anyone know that God had been working through her this whole time!  Friends and family responded by being inspired. Click here to read her written testimony.  

Tim Gooley, Pastoral Associate at First Presbyterian Church, suggested that we bring this enthusiasm for God through sport back to the church and start an organized ministry.  The seeds were being planted.

Ann’s husband, Chris, not having been a competitive endurance athlete before, became inspired to start training by going to the local municipal pool to swim three days a week.  He then started adding in bike rides and runs, and shortly made the decision to start training for the local annual Loggerhead Triathlon in August in Jupiter, FL.  

A small group of church friends started training together for the Loggerhead Triathlon and one other member’s son came up with the idea to name our rag tagged group the B.A.D. F.R.O.G.’S, an acronym for Beyond All Doubt Fully Rely on God.  We felt this an appropriate name for a group of Christian athletes who had experienced the hand of God guiding their lives through this process.

So, in August of 2007, the BAD FROG’s had their first race. Click here to see our first group photo.